About Us

North Pole Prescription Lab was founded in 1987 in North Pole, Alaska and quickly grew to become one of the most recognizable and best compounding pharmacies in the country. Richard (Dick) Holm quickly separated himself amongst his peers by being the first in the area to offer compounding, the art of customizing a medication to fit the needs of a particular patient. Previously located in a small office building in North Pole, NPPL quickly outgrew itself and in 1993, our current location was built right next door and expansion of services soon followed. Our new facility includes a state of the art compounding lab as well as a sterile compounding lab, counseling rooms, and a drive-thru window.

Over the years, we have specialized in various areas of compounding and health care including women’s health, pain management, and veterinary medicine. Our staff attend numerous training seminars throughout the year regarding these and other topics to help keep abreast of the ever changing healthcare landscape and to ensure they are properly trained in our field of medicine. As problem solving specialists, we work closely with your doctor to come up with a solution to your individual health needs. Whether its compounding a commercially unavailable or previously discontinued medication, specialized dosage forms or dosage requirements, or simply making a medicine taste better, we pride ourselves on being called on for and completing these challenges.

In Dec. 2010, Dick and his son Leif purchased 2 independent pharmacies in the Fairbanks area, Professional Pharmacy in the Tanana Valley Clinic and Prescription Center in the Medical Dental Arts Building. Although these locations do not offer compounding on site, they each serve as a free delivery pickup for any compounded preparation that is made at NPPL. This free delivery service is offered daily, however we also do home deliveries for a small fee.

Here at NPPL, we are very passionate about what we do, and we hold very high standards for the products and services we offer. The chemicals used in compounded preparations are purchased only through FDA approved pharmaceutical companies and quality assurance methods are utilized to ensure the highest quality medication is dispensed to the patient. Give us the opportunity to personalize your healthcare and see what a difference we can make!

Dick and Bonny Holm

Dick and Bonny Holm

Richard (Dick) Holm is the owner of North Pole Prescription Laboratory. Dick began his long journey in pharmacy in Wisconsin, were he was also born and raised. He attended pharmacy school at the University of Wisconsin in Madison where he graduated in 1969. He originally worked at a local Walgreens in Racine, WI and then moved on to St. Catherine’s Hospital in Kenosha, WI where he worked as an inpatient pharmacist. There he met his future wife Bonny, an ICU nurse at the hospital. Bonny was born and raised in Lacrosse, WI were she also attended nursing school. After seeing an ad for a pharmacist position in Fairbanks, AK, they couldn’t resist the temptation and together they moved to Alaska in 1982 along with their 3 children. Dick began working at Fairbanks Memorial Hospital, moving on to the local Market Basket Grocery Pharmacy in North Pole where he settled in and bought a home.

Dick decided to open his own pharmacy in North Pole in 1987 to scratch the entrepreneur itch he always had and from there he will tell you it was the scariest but best and most rewarding decision of his life. That same year Dick and Bonny also had their youngest child who was born a mere 2 months before opening the doors to his new store. The story from here is long and involves many details but the short version involves constant changes and innovations to and in his pharmacy practice to grow it to what it has become today, one of the most recognizable compounding pharmacies in the nation.

Throughout the years Dick has overcome many obstacles and challenges in the ever changing environment of healthcare and has continued to strengthen the business and provide excellent care to his patients. He is the recipient of some of the most prestigious awards in compounding and pharmacy in general including the Bowl of Hygeia of AKPhA and the Compounding Pharmacist of the Year for PCCA, the APhA Community Pharmacist of the Year as well as carrying many fellowships in various professional organizations. Dick was also the first Pharmacist in Alaska to receive the Innovative Practice Award of AKPhA.

Dick recently completed his 8th year on the Alaska Board of Pharmacy where he served as president for much of that time. The torch is in the process of being passed to his 3rd son, Leif, who hopes to carry on the family tradition of putting patients first and constantly striving to provide the best pharmacy environment and patient care available. Dick’s wife Bonny continues to work as a pharmacy technician in the family business and Dick pops his head in from time to time, still offering advice and counsel to employees and patients alike.

In their ever expanding spare time, Dick and Bonny love to spend time with their 5 beagles. Bonny loves to relax, enjoying quiet time when her beagles aren’t barking with things such as knitting, reading, and gardening, while Dick loves to spend time in the shooting sports and woodworking as well as taking part in his greatest passion, singing in the barbershop quartet. Dick and Bonny have one granddaughter, Natalie, and are expecting their second in August of 2014.

Leif Holm

Leif Holm

Leif Holm is a pharmacist and a lifelong Alaskan, growing up and attending school in the city of North Pole. Leif is the son of Dick Holm, the owner of North Pole Prescription Lab., and grew up working in the family business where he began his career cleaning toilets and floors, slowly climbing the ladder where he now currently manages the pharmacies business operations. Having put his finger on a map and choosing Virginia, Leif completed his PharmD degree from the Bernard J. Dunn School of Pharmacy at Shenandoah University in Winchester, Virginia in 2005. In addition to pharmacy and business, Leif has a passion for many things including God, family, sports, and outdoor activities. Leif married his wife Elizabeth in July of 2009 in Hawaii and in Nov. 2011 welcomed their first child Natalie. All three are very excited as they are expecting a new addition in early August 2014! Leif is active in his local church, where he can be seen nervously watching the clock on Sundays during football season to get home in time to watch his beloved San Francisco 49ers beat their next opponent. Leif enjoys hunting, fishing, camping, boating and just about anything else you can do outside in Alaska.

Hajnalka Nemeth

Hajnalka Nemeth (Huh-NULL-Kuh NĀ-meht) is a born Midwesterner, even though the name implies differently. Her education kept her close to home with a B.A. in Biology from the University of Chicago and a Pharm.D. from the University of Illinois at Chicago. Before her employment at North Pole Prescription Lab, she spent 10 years working as a technician for a big chain pharmacy. The opportunity to work for a community compounding pharmacy and learn from a renowned and respected compunding pharmacist attracted her to the North Pole. Working for an independent specialty pharmacy has allowed her to quickly expand her expertise in compounding and functional medicine. In addition to hours of reading and research, she attends conferences annually to keep abreast of ever-changing information. She now consults men and women on bio-identical hormone replacement therapy. In addition to her unquenchable thirst for knowledge, she shares many Alaskans' sense of outdoor adventure. The decision to move from a city of 2.5 million to a town of 2,000 came as a shock to some; however, a lifestyle change was in order. Hajnalka spent her summers in pharmacy school working as a raft guide in Colorado, and has spent time traveling to different parts of the world. Being a first generation Hungarian helped instill that sense of adventure and curiosity early on, with frequent childhood visits to Budapest to visit family. To stay true to her ambitious nature, Hajnalka is challenging herself to uphold the pharmacy's 25-year reputation of problem-solving and critical thinking. With that, she is hoping to redefine and revolutionize the role of the community pharmacist.

Alysia Johnson

Alysia Johnson

Alysia Johnson is a pharmacy technician. She has worked with a local pharmacy for the past 9 years and has made the great choice to join our team to expand her skill set through compounding.

Alysia was born and raised here in North Pole, AK and married her highschool sweetheart in 2001. After her wedding her husband Jon joined the Navy and they moved to California for 4 years. While in California they decided it was time to add on to their family and had their first son Kaleb now 11 years old. They moved back to North Pole in 2005 to continue their adventures in Alaska.

As the years have flown by, Alysia and Jon added two more beautiful children to their family, Emma 5 years old and Abel 18 months old.

Alysia is very active in her community as well. She helps teach Girl Scouts, and is a Leader and Cub master for a local Cub Scout Pack, as well as a PTA President for her kids' elementary school. Alysia loves to bake and cook so it is fitting that she also sells Pampered Chef. She is also in a book club with her friends and in her free time she loves to eat, scrapbook, and read.

Paige Harris

Paige Harris

Our newest Pharmacy Technician was originally born in New Hampshire but spent the majority of her childhood in the Land of Lobsters and Lighthouses, Portland, Maine. She graduated from high school in 2010 and began her career in healthcare as a Certified Nursing Assistant. For Paige, “there was no better feeling than being able to put a smile on somebody’s face, even when they feel upset because they can no longer do things on their own.”

Paige later became a Certified Residential Medication Aide while working as a live-in staff member for an independent youth living home. The position was difficult, yet rewarding as she built a trusting relationship with the patients she supported.

Leaving Portland was difficult for her, but the opportunity to come to Alaska with her husband, a member of the US Army, was an exciting adventure. She has quickly become a great part of the North Pole Prescription Lab team and brings a youthful spirit and enthusiasm to the pharmacy every day. Her previous healthcare experience provided an excellent foundation for her to begin working in our compounding lab.

Paige is a proud and devoted Mommy to her German Shepherd, Bailey, and in her off time, enjoys youtube videos and exploring the outdoors of Fairbanks.